50% Reduced CPA in 60 Days

1440, a news media site, partnered with Adcrate to enhance their creative strategy and boost subscriber acquisition. Over the past 12 months, Adcrate's innovative ad campaigns have significantly reduced the cost per acquisition (CPA) while dramatically increasing the number of subscribers.

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A Little Background

1440 is a digital newsletter providing unbiased news. When we joined forces, they were struggling to create effective top-of-funnel content to attract attention to their brand. They needed a consistent performance from their creatives, which they were unable to achieve with their existing methods. We stepped in to produce user-generated content (UGC) and static ads that drove millions of traffic and doubled their subscriber base within a year.


Their Result

Adcrate's efforts included multiple ads that comfortably spent six figures, with a total spend of $1.7 million. Applying our battle-tested playbook from the direct-to-consumer space to this digital product, we added over 1.1 million subscribers in 12 months. Our high-quality video content not only performed well on its own but also improved the performance of static and image ads across the account.

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