100% YoY Growth

Licorice, a confectionery brand under Goatfoods, partnered with Adcrate to overcome challenges in creative volume and ad scalability. Over the past 12 months, Adcrate's strategic ad campaigns have led to impressive growth, doubling their revenue year over year.

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A Little Background

Licorice, one of Goatfoods' brands, was facing significant challenges in creating scalable ads due to a lack of internal resources and experience. They struggled to produce enough high-quality content to support their growth ambitions. Adcrate stepped in and doubled their creative volume almost instantly, resulting in their best Black Friday performance ever. In addition to Licorice, we successfully applied the same playbook to other Goatfoods brands, such as caramels and pretzels, demonstrating our versatile approach.


Their Result

Adcrate's partnership with Licorice led to the brand's 100% year-over-year growth within 12 months. Multiple ads achieved six-figure spends, showcasing the efficacy of Adcrate's strategies. Licorice's Black Friday revenue increased fivefold compared to the previous year. Following Adcrate's involvement, another agency was replaced, solidifying Adcrate as the primary creative partner and main driver of performance as the brand scaled.

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