4x Spend, Reduced CPA in 45 Days

Opopop, a brand specializing in gourmet popcorn, partnered with Adcrate to overcome challenges with their ad performance. In just 45 days, Adcrate's creative strategies led to over $800k in ad spend, acquiring 18,000 new customers, and achieving a 50% reduction in CPA. This collaboration has driven record high revenues for Opopop, beyond their typical peak seasons.

In Media Spend on Adcrate ads
New Customers Acquired
Reduction in CPA

A Little Background

Opopop came to us with an innovative and exciting popcorn product, but their advertisements were not effectively communicating the brand's unique value and playfulness. They faced challenges with their ads frequently fatiguing and failing to maintain consistent performance. Despite working with various creators' platforms and small agencies, they couldn't find a reliable solution that delivered ongoing success.

When they turned to Adcrate on a trusted partner's recommendation, we immediately saw areas for improvement. From our very first collaboration, we saw immediate success. We quickly became their go-to creative engine, developing high-performing ads that scaled their campaigns efficiently. Within 45 days, we managed to significantly enhance their ad spend performance while simultaneously reducing their CPA, driving record high revenues outside of the typical Q4 peak.


Their Result

Through our partnership with Opopop, we've spent over $800k on ads, acquired 18,000 new customers, and achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in CPA within just 45 days. Our strategic and creative excellence has driven exceptional results, enabling Opopop to achieve unprecedented growth and revenue outside their busiest season.

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